Relationship Test and Communication Kit Special Offer Bundle

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What's included in this special offer bundle

1. Comprehensive Relationship (Compatibility) Test

This includes not only the main relationship test, but a whole bundle of extra material to help you make the best possible choice - divided in 12 easily digestible steps.

  • The main relationship compatibility test
  • Additional essential tests
  • Important advice on how to get the most out of these tests
  • Unmissable advice and direction based on your results 
  • Essential advice on how to be as objective as possible
  • Stress reduction advice specifically at helping you come to a better decision
  • Extra material to help you uncover your personal obstacles to making the decision (they may not be what you think they are)
  • An additional Bonus Bundle

2. Positive Communication Kit for Couples

You will get a bundle with expert communication aids. This detailed, but easy to digest guide includes quizzes, tips and advice for mutually enjoyable, interesting, fun and meaningful conversations to bring the two of you closer together, including...

  • My Pro-Communication Guide - 25 pages crammed with expert tips and advice, including the relationship fundamentals, advanced communication, listening and negotiating skills
  • 8 Fun and conversation stimulating quizzes for great evenings together
  • 9 Quizzes with questions to encourage lively, interesting and enjoyable conversations that draw out even the most reluctant talker and increase the depth of your conversation
  • An expert quiz to help you both to unlock, rediscover and communicate your personal priorities (I used to give this to my clients to help them get reacquainted with each other and themselves)
  • A list with 28 colossal (really!) communication spoilers
  • The 9 secrets to a happy relationship or marriage
  • A worksheet with 15 Questions about sex to help improve sex and spice up your relationship

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Relationship Test and Communication Kit Special Offer Bundle includes these courses

Comprehensive Relationship Test
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Advanced Communication Kit for Couples
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